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Cable television service in the Topeka metro area is currently provided by Cox. If you would like to subscribe to cable service, are experiencing service problems, or have a billing question, contact Cox at 785-368-1000. The Federal Communications Commission approved a cable television users bill of rights in March of 1999. It may be accessed at
Consumers Bill of Rights.

If unsuccessful in resolving your cable problem or question, please file a complaint with the City's Public Communications Division at 785-368-3755. The coordinator will then assist you in resolving your problem or question. Complaints regarding rate increases on the limited basic cable service must be submitted in writing to City of Topeka Public Communications, 215 SE 7th, Topeka, KS 66603.

The City of Topeka no longer holds a franchise agreement with Cox Cable. That is now handled by the Kansas Corporation Commission. Their website and further information can be found at Any requests for information or complaints should be addressed to the KCC.
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