Z20/02 by Flywheel Fairlawn LLC

Subject Area MapZ20/02 by Flywheel Fairlawn, LLC requesting to amend the district zoning map on property located at 605 SW Fairlawn Road from C-4 Commercial District to M-3 Multiple Family Dwelling District to allow for use of the existing hotel property as residential apartments.

Planning Commission Hearing Date:
August 17, 2020

Planning Commission Outcome: Recommend to the Governing Body approval of the reclassification of the property from “C-4” Commercial District to “M-3” Multiple Family Dwelling District.

Planning Commission Agenda: Z20-02 Agenda Items

Agendas are ready 10 days prior to hearing date.

Full agendas and additional Planning Commission information is available here


City Council Date:
September 15, 2020

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Applicant’s Representative/Professional Agent:

Corey L. Dehn


Case Planner:

Annie Driver / City of Topeka Planning & Development
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