Wheatfield Village

Wheatfield Village Map

PUD17/02 Wheatfield Village Planned Unit Development by 29 Fairlawn, LLC, requesting to amend the District Zoning Classification from “C-4” Commercial District to “PUD” Planned Unit Development (C-4 Commercial uses) on the 14.7-acre property located at the Northwest corner of SW 29th Street and Fairlawn Road.

Proposed project will result in new development, as well as demolition of existing buildings.

PUD17/02 Wheatfield Village Planned Unit Development Master Plan was approved by the Governing Body at the November 14, 2017 City Council meeting. Ordinance 20095.

Applications for a Minor Amendment, Subdivision, and Site Plan Review were submitted in 2018.  Information Below

Application Information

Information submitted March 2018

Additional Information

Authorized Professional Agent: Kevin Holland, CFS Engineers, P.A.

Contact Case Planner: Annie Driver, 785-368-3728 (email)



Original Submissions for PUD17/02

Public Comment

Neighborhood Information Meeting (April 24, 2017)

Planning Commission – July 17, 2017 (approved)

July 2017 Planning Commission agenda packet