P20/15 Timber Ridge Subdivision #2


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P20/15 Timber Ridge Subdivision No. 2 (preliminary/final plat phase) is a 6.08 acre tract for ten lots generally located at the southeast intersection of SW 53rd Street and SW Timber Ridge Lane, the center of the tract being approximately 1,000 feet south of SW 53rd Street along the east side of SW Timber Ridge Lane, all being within the City of Topeka three mile extraterritorial jurisdiction and within unincorporated Shawnee County, Kansas


Planning Commission Hearing Date:
September 21, 2020

Planning Commission Outcome: Recommend to the Governing Body approval of the Preliminary and Final Plat phases for Timber Ridge Subdivision subject to the (3) conditions listed in staff report.

Agenda Packet Items available 10 days prior to Hearing Date


City Council Date:

Site / Project Information


Preliminary Plat (as originally submitted)

Final Plat (as originally submitted)


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Applicant’s Representative/Professional Agent:

Angela Sharp, Bartlett & West
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Case Planner:

Annie Driver / City of Topeka Planning & Development
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