CU20/02 by Evergy, Inc.

Subject Area MapCU20/02 by: Evergy, Inc., requesting a Conditional Use Permit on property zoned X-1 Mixed Use District and located at 2647 SE 6th Avenue, in order to expand the existing electrical substation to the east, increasing electrical system reliability to the surrounding area. (Driver)

Planning Commission Hearing Date:
July 20, 2020

Planning Commission Outcome:
Planning Commission voted to recommend approval to the Governing Body

Agenda available 10 days prior to Hearing Date


City Council Date:

Site / Project Information


Supplemental Application Information

Vicinity Map

Plan Set

Contact Information


Applicant’s Representative/Professional Agent:

Alex Darby / Professional Engineering Consultants, PA
Email Angela


Case Planner:

Annie Driver / City of Topeka Planning & Development
Phone 785-368-3728
Email Annie