CPA19/01 Central Park Neighborhood Plan

Central Park MapCPA19/01 by the City of Topeka amending the text and map of the City of Topeka’s Comprehensive Plan updating the Central Park Neighborhood Plan. The area affected by the amendment is bounded by SW Washburn Avenue to the west, SW Huntoon and SW 13th Streets to the north, SW Topeka Boulevard to the east and SW 17th Street to the south.



Based on an application by the Central Park Neighborhood Association, the Central Park Neighborhood was chosen to receive planning and funding assistance from the City of Topeka in 2019-2021.


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On August 19, 2019 the plan was reviewed by the Topeka Planning Commission and forwarded to the Governing Body with a recommendation of approval. The plan was presented as a discussion item at the September 17 meeting of the City Council and approved by the City Council at their October 8, 2019 meeting. See Ordinance 20212

Notification of August 31 Neighborhood Information Meeting and August 19 Public Hearing

About the Update

The planning process for the update to the Central Park Neighborhood Plan included a kick off meeting on February 21, 2019.  The meeting was hosted by the Central Park NIA at the Central Park Community Center at 1534 SW Clay Street and covered the current conditions and trends. It also included a time for all to brainstorm on where Central Park will be in the next 10 years.

As a part of the process, people were asked to complete a brief survey to give us their ideas for and about Central Park.

The Plan Review Committee has several times. Documents from the meetings are below.

For additional information about the update to the Central Park Neighborhood, contact Dan Warner by email, or call him at 785.368.3006.

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