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​HoHo and Cupcake – Sun Bears Arrive at the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center

You might think it would be hard to find a home for two old Sun Bears.  When the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center saw that they were available, it was a perfect fit for an empty habitat.  At about 12:15 today, the two Sun Bears named HoHo and Cupcake arrived at their new home at the Topeka Zoo.

Both the male bear HoHo and the female bear Cupcake are 28 years old and are an unrelated breeding pair that have lived together since they were about two years old.  Of the two, HoHo has the more extroverted personality and is the more adventurous when it comes to climbing.

HoHo and Cupcake are going to live in the former gorilla habitat at the zoo.  “The space will be perfect for the two bears,” said Zoo Director Brendan Wiley.  “The staff that work in that space are well accustomed to working with geriatric animals and we are all thrilled to welcome HoHo and Cupcake into our family.”

HoHo and Cupcake will begin a 30 day quarantine period today.  The Topeka Zoo will post updates on its social media as the bears get accustomed to their new home.  Due to the construction around the Discovering Apes building, it might be a few months before zoo guests are able to see the bears.  When the time does come for their public debut, you can be sure that a party will be planned and of course Hostess will be on the guest list.

Sun Bears are the smallest species of bear.  They have really long tongues and long claws that they use for foraging.  They are native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.  

Note:  The zoo that the bears came from has requested to remain anonymous until they make their own announcement about their plans after the first of the year.  At that point, we can tell the whole story of how HoHo and Cupcake came here.