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​Post-Holiday Tree Recycling Program

Topeka, KS- The Topeka Zoo will be accepting used live Christmas trees again this year beginning as early as December 26. It is as easy as dropping the tree off inside at the south east corner of the Zoo’s parking lot, behind the “trees here sign”.

“There is no need to make an appointment,” said Zoo Director Brendan Wiley. “We’ll find them and get them to the animals that can use them.”

In order for the trees to be able to be used by the zoo animals, the trees need to be free of ornaments and tinsel.

“This allows the trees to be used beyond the holiday season,” said Wiley. “Animals that benefit from them include lions, tigers, owls, mountain lions, giraffes, elephants, bears and many others.”

Once the animals have had plenty of fun with the varieties of conifers donated, they will be ground up through a chipper and made into mulch for continued reuse.

The zoo will accept the trees through Jan. 8th 2018.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year from the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center.