Shelter Plus Care

About Shelter Plus Care

Shelter Plus Care is a program designed to provide rental assistance to homeless persons with disabilities, primarily those with severe and persistent mental illness, chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, or diagnosed with AIDS or related disease. Participants may choose their residence from units where the landlord agrees to accept the established housing subsidy and abide by the Shelter Plus Care program guidelines.

This rental assistance will provide the ongoing financial support needed to maintain the chosen residence, as the participant works toward establishing greater financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Individuals and families pay approximately 30% of their monthly-adjusted income toward the rent. The Shelter Plus Care participant must have a need for and agree to participate in supportive services to remain on the program. The intensity of participation in supportive services will vary according to the needs of the participants; however, the participant must meet with their primary service provider at least once per month. Failure to participate in supportive services and lack of progress toward establishing self-sufficiency may result in the participant being terminated from the program.

Download the Shelter Plus Care brochure.



To be eligible for SPC, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You are an adult
  • You are homeless by one of the following definitions:
    • Sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation
    • Sleeping in an emergency shelter
    • Being discharged from an institution, of less than 30 days, in which they were homeless prior to entry
  • You suffer from one of the following disabilities:
    • Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
    • Chronic alcohol and/or drug abuse
    • AIDS or related disease
  • You are receiving case management services through one of the following agencies:
    • Positive Connects
    • Valeo Recovery Center
    • Valeo Behavioral Health Care
    • Veterans Administration
    • New Dawn Recovery and Wellness


How to Receive Shelter Plus Care Services

Shelter Plus Care can only accept referrals from the agencies providing case management.

If you are a potential landlord and would like to know information on how to become a landlord for our Shelter Plus Care recipients, please call 785-368-3711.