Environmental Review

Renee Criqui
Sr. Program Administrator

What is an Environmental Review?

The City of Topeka’s Department of Neighborhood Relations (NR) Environmental Review process is federally mandated by the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). The City acts on behalf of HUD to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, and follows the procedures outlined in 24 CFR part 58. The objective of the review process is to ensure that due diligence has been undertaken in identifying potential environmental impacts associated with projects that use HUD funds. Both beneficial and adverse impacts can result from projects. It is the goal of the Department of Neighborhood Relations to eliminate or mitigate adverse impacts.

Here are some examples of beneficial and adverse impacts:

Beneficial Impacts

  • increase number and viability of safe and affordable housing
  • increased longevity to existing housing
  • the elimination of blighting influences
  • restoration of wildlife habitat
  • eradication of invasive plant species
  • improve energy efficiency
  • reduce site hazards and nuisances
  • improved water quality
  • improved public health

Adverse Impacts

  • destruction of wetlands
  • destruction of native vegetation
  • destruction of historic properties
  • exposing of citizens to excessive noise
  • exposing of citizens to flood hazards
  • exposing of citizens to hazardous waste
  • reduced water quality
  • weakened public health

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