Citywide Housing Market Study & Strategy

The City of Topeka is partnering with St. Louis-based urban planning and real estate consulting firm Development Strategies to create a Citywide Housing Market Study and Strategy. This study will provide a detailed assessment of housing needs in the city, analyze household affordability for all population segments of the community, assess existing housing programs and providers, and recommend a policy framework to guide equitable housing investments.

Project Priorities

The planning process and the resulting recommendations will strive to prioritize equity, be data-driven, and align partners around a shared vision. Engagement with neighborhood leaders, city agencies, nonprofit organizations, and the development community will serve as the foundation for the planning process, and ensure that recommendations are actionable and closely aligned with community goals, priorities, and concerns.

Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of the Citywide Housing Market Study and Strategy are to:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of housing needs in the city, and identify impediments to meeting those needs.
  • Identify ways in which housing development and preservation can reinforce other community priorities, such as in economic opportunity, workforce attraction, quality of life, and economic development.
  • Understand development costs and market values of different types of housing throughout the city to quantify where gaps exists, how different programs and policies can fill those gaps, and what types of housing should be strategically supported to maximize the impact of limited housing resources.
  • Identify the potential to create new tools and policies that allow housing development to better meet community needs.
  • Evaluate the potential for a wide range of housing types that could better meet housing needs and community goals.
  • Assess the organizational capacity of existing housing programs and housing providers to understand what types of programs and organizations are missing, how partnerships might improve housing outcomes, and how resources can be better aligned.
  • Create a Housing Toolkit and policy framework to guide the efforts of the city and its many partners they seek to address Topeka’s housing needs over the next decade.

Study Documents & Presentations

Topeka Housing Market Study Draft Document (May, 2020)

Topeka Housing Strategy with Narrative Study Presentation (February, 2020)

View the Topeka Housing Study Kickoff Presentation.

Media Coverage

WIBW 2/11/2020

KSNT 2/11/2020

Capitol Journal 9/17/2019

Capitol Journal 6/02/2018

Steering Committee

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Provide broad perspective about housing issues and trends
  • Advise about housing issues that need to be addressed
  • Identify blind spots
  • Inform about community challenges and history that cannot be ignored
  • Help define future direction of housing policy
  • Accountability
  • Participate in implementation

Rick Kready

Pioneer Group

Trey George

THA, Inc.

Jeanette Spurgin


Tom Thull

FHL Bank

Kathy Clark

Momentum 2022

Stephen Schiffelbein


Ivan Weichert

Topeka Area Building Association

Linda Briden

Sunflower Realtor’s Association

Theresa Baker

Housing & Credit Counseling

Katrina Ringler

Planning Commission

James Prout

CAC Chair

Lloyd Rainge

Capitol Federal


The City of Topeka would like to thank it’s partners for making this housing study possible for our community.

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