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The Target Area Neighborhoods Consist of Three Stages

  1. Planning Stage
    • Create a Neighborhood Plan or refine an existing plan.
    • Identification of needs and potential resources
    • Establishment of Target Areas
  2. Activation Stage: sets the tone for collaboration
    • Existing housing repair
    • Homeowner & Rental / Exterior Rehabilitation
    • Voluntary Demolition
    • Infrastructure improvements
  3. Investment Stage
    • Completion of Activation activities
    • Infill development
    • Homeownership opportunities
    • Code enforcement


Homeowner services may include:

  • Interior and exterior rehabilitation


Rental Property services may include:

  • Exterior siding
  • Roof Replacement
  • Windows
  • Replacement of HVAC Services


Current Target Areas


Former Target Areas



Am I in a target area?
Refer to the target areas mentioned above.

If I am not in a Target Area, how do I apply for my neighborhood to become a Target Area?
Contact your NIA president.


Corrie Wright

Division Director