TopCity Youth Council

TopCity Youth Council Meeting Information

TopCity Youth Council Meetings

The TopCity Youth Council normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the last month each quarter at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers (municipal courtroom), 214 SE 8th. These meetings are cablecast live on the city’s governmental access Channel 4 on the Cox Cablevision Network.

The TopCity Youth Council may meet in Special Session or continued meetings. These meetings, like all other meetings excluding Executive Session, are open public meetings. Under State Law, certain items may be discussed in Executive Session, which are of a legal or personnel nature. These items are defined by state law.

The TopCity Youth Council is a distinct subgroup of the Topeka Youth Commission that conducts business on local government. The council is represented by nine youth members, each presiding in one of the city council districts. Each member will meet periodically with their council representative to advise them on issues pertaining to youth. In addition, the members will meet with the Mayor.