Information Technology

Duties of the IT Department

The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for all telecommunications, computing, and business system functions within the computing enterprise of the City of Topeka. Major functions include:

  • Fiscal management of the IT Fund
  • IT system asset management
  • IT contract administration
  • IT system engineering and deployment
  • IT system maintenance and administration
  • IT consulting
  • Data analytics
  • End-user support

IT-Supported Systems

IT staff support:

  • The city website and most associated peripheral websites
  • City email, telephones, and internet services
  • Training to ensure that city staff members have the skills to utilize the technology tools provided
  • One primary and two secondary midrange computers
  • Applications, including software used for financial accounting, payroll, personnel, fleet management, utility billing, police applications, fire records, building inspection, and utilities​

Department Structure

The department consists of 3 functional areas.

IT Telecom Program

The IT Telecommunications Program consists of four primary services that include outside plant fiber optic system, structured cabling services, leased telephone circuit services and telephone system services. The deliverables of this program are interconnectivity of all computing systems within city facilities and voice communications. The goal for this program is to strive for maximum availability (up-time) for all telecommunication circuits and systems that support voice and data communications functions within the enterprise:

  • 85 miles of private telecommunications cabling connecting 45-City Facilities
  • Structured cabling necessary to interconnect computers and telephones
  • 2 telephone PBX switches supporting voice communications, voice mail and one call center

Computing Program

The IT Computing Program consists of data networking services, personal computer systems and help desk support services, server and network storage systems and information security systems. The services provided by the IT Computing Program are data networking systems, engineering, administration, maintenance and upgrades, personal computing systems rent, administration, maintenance and upgrades, IT Server and mass storage systems engineering, administration, maintenance and upgrades and information security systems, information security system engineering, administration, maintenance and upgrades. The deliverables of this program are enterprise IT computing systems, administration and maintenance necessary to support IT business systems across the enterprise. The goals for this program are maximum up-time for all IT computing systems that support IT Business system functions within a safe and secure computing environment across the enterprise:

  • 100 network switches
  • 1160 personal computers
  • 75-mobile computers (iPads)
  • 100 servers

Business Systems

The IT Business Systems consist of back-end support, application implementation, data analytics and web development. The services provided by the IT Business Systems Program are system engineering, administration, data analytics, maintenance and upgrades of information technology based information systems across the enterprise. The deliverables of this program are enterprise software and application business systems, back-end database systems, administration, maintenance, system consulting and data analytics necessary to support IT business systems use across the enterprise. The goals for this program are maximum up-time for all IT business systems, back-end database systems that support business and foster innovative services and solution