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Financial Policies

The Administrative and Financial Services Department establishes, implements and oversees accounting policies and procedures. The city adheres to the financial policies below in order to enhance citywide operations.


Capital Improvement Policy

The Capital Improvement Policy provides guidelines and methodology for the development and financing of the city's 10 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The purpose of this policy is to outline the processes by which the city develops and implements its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Capital Improvement Policy Resolution No. 8831


Community Improvement District Policy

The Community Improvement District Policy outlines the purpose and requirements needed in order to establish a Community Improvement District (CID) with the purpose of developing, promoting and stimulating local economic development and quality of life within the city. The Community Improvement District (CID) Procedures Approved by Resolution No. 8392 established procedures which are required per the Community Improvement District (CID) Policy Resolution No. 8392 for processing Community Improvement Districts (CID) applications and filing petitions, in addition to other matters such as the establishment of fees.

Community Improvement District (CID) Policy Resolution No. 8392


Debt Management Policy

Debt Management Policy Resolution No. 8818: This policy establishes debt issuance and management guidelines for all debt financing for the City of Topeka.


Reserve Policy

The purpose of the Reserve Policy is to provide guidelines to the governing body and staff for establishing, maintaining and performing an annual review of the minimum and target reserves. A minimum reserve policy is generally considered a prudent and conservative fiscal policy to deal with unforeseen situations and long-term financial planning.

Reserve Policy Resolution No. 8824


Special Assessment Policy

This policy establishes guidelines for the financing of public improvements through the use of Special Benefit Districts in the city. The governing body is authorized to construct public improvements that confer a special benefit upon real property within a definable area and to levy special assessments upon the benefited property to pay all or any part of the costs of making such improvements.

Special Assessment Policy Resolution No. 8726


Citywide Policy

The Open Data Policy was developed to provide guidelines to the City of Topeka departments and employees in the distribution of open data and the implementation of open data projects. The Administrative and Financial Services Department abides by this policy in order to actively update and publish open data on the Budget Portal, Checkbook Portal and the Performance Portal.


Nickie Lee

Director of Financial Services
Annual budget, Capital Improvement Plan