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Police Department | Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic section of the Uniformed Services Division is responsible for all traffic related activities that occur within the city. Anyone with questions or requests for assistance can contact the Traffic Section at the following number: 785-368-9450.

Accident Reconstruction
This is a unit consisting of Officers that are well qualified in the area of accident investigation. Some of these Officers are considered experts. They respond to all Fatality accidents and accidents of a serious nature or unusual accidents. Using their training and expertise, they reconstruct the accident to determine the cause and any action that could be taken to prevent further accidents of this nature.

Hit & Run Investigations
This unit is assigned all hit & run accidents that are reported in the city. These Officers use their expertise in solving these cases. When drivers or owners of these vehicles are identified the appropriate charges are filed. Anyone with questions about an ongoing investigation can contact the unit at 785-368-9487, 785-368-9012 or 785-368-9013.

This unit consists of Officers that respond to all type of calls in the city. This unit is very mobile and can operate in areas that are difficult for cars to access.

This unit also does all types of enforcement activity. It is also an integral part of all special events in the city. Parades, Runs, Walks, Special events, dignitary escorts and protection are part of their responsibility.

Abandoned Vehicles
Abandoned Vehicles are also handled by the Traffic Section. If a complaint is received of a abandoned vehicle, a officer responds and marks the vehicle in question. The Officer then returns at least forty-eight hours later and if the vehicle has not been moved, it will be towed to the Police Impound lot. To report such vehicles call 785-368-9567.
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