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Sustainability Advisory Board
Sylvan Coles, Laboratory Supervisor/Sustainability Coordinator
Water Pollution Control
Department of Public Works
1115 NE Poplar
Topeka, KS 66607

Sustainability Advisory Board

Sustainability Advisory Board | Duties of the Sustainability Advisory Board | Moving Towards Energy Efficiency and Conservation | Frito Lay Press Release

The Sustainability Board was established to serve as an advisory board to the Topeka City Council, and is involves volunteers and community members. The Board prepares and approves minutes of its meetings, and forwards them to the City Council.

The mission of the board is to promote environmental assessment and advocate for policies which support sustainability specifically including but not limited to environmental assessment, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and natural resource conservation in the City of Topeka and to enhance the quality of life by improving the city's efforts in these areas.
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Last Updated: Thursday May 05 2016