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Public Works
City Utility Accounts
Establish a City utilities account; My Utility Account; view water rates, helpful information and more.

Consumer Information and Education
Learn about water quality and the history of water in Topeka, or take an on-line "tour" of our facility.

New Meter and Main Installations
Apply for water/sewer for new construction; view fees and charges; review our installation standards; learn what we are doing to eliminate red water.

Backflow Prevention/Cross Connection Control
Learn about backflow prevention, cross connection control and lawn sprinkler installation information.

Cost of Service Study-Water, Wastewater and Stormwater
In 2003 the City retained the services of Black & Veatch to analyze the revenue requirements of the water, wastewater and stormwater utilities for the ten year study period of 2003-2012. The study provides an analysis of the cost of service and proposes water and stormwater rates commencing in 2004.

The City of Topeka Water Utility is part of the Public Works Department and is maintained entirely by fees for service. Our central role in the community is to provide fresh, clean drinking water. We process raw water from the Kansas River at our treatment facilities, pump it through hundreds of miles of water mains and deliver it to your tap daily. As the premier provider of water service for northeast Kansas, we encourage business practices and partnerships that strengthen Topeka's economic goals and infrastructure viability.

Heightened Security at the Water Treatment Facility
Due to the events of September 11, 2001, the Water Utility heightened security at our facilities. These increased measures are in addition to routine monitoring by electronic surveillance and 24-hour staffing at critical facilities. For security reasons, we decline to discuss the measures taken to ensure the safety of our facilities and your drinking water.

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