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Note: If any discrepancy or errors are found, contact the City Engineer of the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department, prior to using the information provided.

The Traffic Section is responsible for traffic related issues and projects such as, traffic counts & count maps, signal designs & requests, traffic control requests, traffic studies, sight distance problems, work zone traffic control, street closing notices to all media and emergency services. Traffic engineering section works closely with the Topeka Police Dept. with requests for enforcement of traffic violations or problems on city streets. We also review plats within the City of Topeka for issues related to traffic that might occur because of new development in an area. Traffic engineering works with planning and the MPO board to plan the transportation needs of the community in the future.

You may contact one of the below City Employees about Traffic Concerns by clicking on their name or you may call the Engineering Division direct at 785-368-3842.

Traffic Count Maps
The following maps contain the traffic volumes for locations in the City of Topeka. To view the maps, simply click on the year listed below that you would like to view.

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