Trade Permits and Inspection Process

(Electrical Inspection: What We Do):
The City of Topeka Electrical Section is comprised of three Electrical Inspectors, each assigned to particular elevators in the city. The Electrical Inspectors leave their office to make inspections each day at approximately 8:30 a.m. and return at 4:00 p.m. In general, any inspection called for one day is the next day's workload excluding holidays and weekends.

Electrical Inspectors check the installation and modification of a building's electrical facilities. This includes, but not limited to all wiring and equipment associated to power, lighting, control, communication and life safety systems for all buildings. The city adopts by reference The 2002 National Electric Code.

Who can take out a Permit?

The City of Topeka requires that an electrical permit be procured prior to start of installation. Only licensed, insured electrical contractors and homeowner's can obtain permits.

What we Inspect?

Electrical Inspection inspects work related to main electrical service updates, new installations and any electrical system alteration or new installations of equipment. We also investigate electrical complaints. Our inspectors are part of the Occupancy Inspection Team.

Electrical Permit Application Requirements
In order to apply for an electrical permit, you must be a registered electrical contractor with the City of Topeka or a homeowner meeting the requirements of the city ordinance.

Prior to starting any stage of your project you must obtain an electrical permit. In many cases a building permit would be required prior to obtaining your electrical permit.

When Applying for an Electrical Permit you need to Provide

The address of the property
Electrical permit fee (if the costs are not included with the building permit)
A description of the electrical work to be done
An application form completed in full
Electrical drawings detailing the work to be done (check with the Electrical Inspector)
A load calculation of either the circuit or the service
Homeowners must live on the property. The home must be habitable with electricity, water and gas
No homeowner electrical permits will be issued for rental properties.
Your electrical permit may be issued after the electrical clerk processes the application and the Electrical Inspector reviews the application for compliance with the ordinance.

Electrical permit fees are set out in the City of Topeka Ordinance.

Electrical Inspection Staff

Leo Martinez 368-1626
Craig Johnson 368-1627
Ed Alford 368-1628

More Information
Trade Appeal Forms (available formats: PDF, DOC)

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