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Parking Meter Violations

For an expired meter violation or for parking beyond the posted time limit, the fine is $8.00. The City Code states that each hour that a vehicle is parked in violation of any block zone is a separate and distinct violation. For a second and each successive violation in the same space/block zone, the fine is $15.00. After 14 calendar days late fees begin to apply in certain increments until unpaid tickets are sent to civil collections agencies after 75 calendar days. These amounts are set by city code section 10.60.010.

Payment may be made by personal check, cashier check, money order, cash, or credit or debit cards. There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks.

If you feel that you have received a parking ticket in error, you may fill out this form and return it to the Parking Section Office. If this process does not resolve your issue, you may file an Administrative Hearing Request form.

Click here to view City Code regarding the parking ticket appeal process.

There are ways to avoid getting parking tickets

Other Parking Violations

In addition to expired meters, parking tickets may be given for a variety of violations. See general parking regulations.

For more information about other parking violations contact
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