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Submittal Requirements for Commercial Construction
New construction, additions, accessory structures and interior alterations require submittal of a Building Permit Application, a Plan Submittal Summary Sheet, and the following information: (For interior alterations, one can typically omit step five and six).

  • Property Address
  • Property legal description
  • Estimated construction cost
  • Approximate square footage
  • Number of units if apartment complex
  • Eight sealed site plans*
  • Three landscape plans
  • Two sets of complete construction drawings **

* The eight sealed site plans must indicate property lines, parking, sidewalks, drives, stormwater runoff calculations (a drainage report), building setback lines, and all easements of record.

** A complete set of construction drawings includes architectural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and any required special systems plans. New construction projects, additions, most commercial building alterations (interior and exterior) and structural modifications require plans sealed, signed and dated by an architect/engineer registered to practice in the State of Kansas.  A third set of drawings is required for submittal if the project is located in historical environs or contains a commercial kitchen.

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