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What are Community Gardens?

According to the ACGA (American Community Gardening Association), a community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people. Community gardens come in many shapes and sizes. They can be located with another use—like a church, school, or community center—or on a lot all by themselves. They can grow everything from fruits and vegetables, to herbs and decorative flowers, and everything in between. In Topeka, they could even be maintained by just one person. One thing all these gardens have in common is bringing people together and promoting a fun, healthy, engaging, and interactive neighborhood asset.

How are Community Gardens currently addressed in Topeka? Why is this coming up?

City of Topeka zoning regulations currently prohibit Community Gardens as a primary use on vacant lots. In collaboration with local community garden advocacy groups, the City of Topeka Planning Department is looking at making it easier to allow Community Gardens as stand-alone uses in residential neighborhoods.

Proposed Zoning Standards

Proposed Zoning Standards

What are other cities doing?

Lawrence, KS
Kansas City
   Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition
   Kansas City Community Gardens
   Cultivate Kansas City

Springfield, MO
   Springfield Community Gardens

Ft. Collins, CO
Portland, OR
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Where can I go to learn more about local gardens or community gardens in general?

Shawnee County Extension Agency
Topeka Common Ground
Kansas Community Gardens
American Community Gardening Association

Where are Topeka’s community gardens?

Photo Gallery

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