| Residential Burning Permits
This is for residential burning only. If you want a permit for commercial burning, please call the Shawnee County Health Agency at 785-291-2455. If you are requesting a bon fire permit call Topeka Fire Marshal at 368-4140. On the day I wish to burn, notify Topeka Dispatch at 785-368-9514 before and after burning.

Fill out the form below to request a residential burning permit
The dates listed below are the days in which the inspectors conduct their inspections.
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Expiration Date if permit is approved: 5/31/2014
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  1. This permit is issued for open burning of the materials listed above with the understanding that the undersigned assumes all responsibility for any fire damage that may result from the use of this permit.
  2. By submiting this information you have agreed to the conditions listed. This permit is issued free of charge and is valid until the experation date.