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The City Clerk's office maintains, protects and preserves the official records of the City. Copies of ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other open public documents may be obtained from the City Clerk's office by completing an Open Record Request. Any questions or disputes regarding open record requests may be directed to the City Clerk who is the City's Freedom of Information Officer.

In accordance with City Code Section 2.20.110: Inspection fee.

(A) Where a request has been made for inspection of any open public record which is readily available to the record custodian, there will be no inspection fee charged to the requester.

(B) In all cases not covered by subsection (a) of this section, a record inspection fee may be charged at the rate of $13.00 per hour per employee engaged in the record search. A minimum charge of $6.00 may be charged for each such request. (Ord. No. 17226, Section 23, 1-27-98).

Page copied $.25/page
CD/DVD, $6.00 minimum

Certain departments have been authorized by ordinance to charge a specific fee for records.

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