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On-line Courses-continuing Education For General Contractors

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CertainTeed Corporation provides Online Professional Education Series Course Accreditation for General Contractors. For more information call 1-800-233-8990 or go to See the attachment for a list of courses available. The City of Topeka will accept these ceu's.

To access Certainteed Website:
1. Go to
2. On the Home page, click on Vinyl siding.
3. On the next page, click on contractor/remodeler.
4. On the next page, look for this information in the body of the page:

Building solutions
...offers rewards, lead generation and professional education to support growing your business (Click Here)

5. Then, click where it says (click here). On the next screen it takes you to, look down the page and you'll see a link for the Professional Education courses:

. Education Programs: Further your education with our product knowledge/installation programs that can earn you credentials. Remodelers can earn NARI credits through Certain Teed's Professional Continuing Education courses.

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