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City Of Topeka Invites Online Engagement
TOPEKA, Kan. – The City of Topeka is pleased to announce the launch of, a new comprehensive community engagement website where residents can engage, communicate, and collaborate with community decision makers on the future of our community.

This platform gets the community involved in the planning process. Feedback from this interactive and accessible website will be used by City leaders – the listeners – in order to lay out plans on a variety of projects. gives contributors a chance to share new ideas, rate the ideas of others, expand on existing ideas, and give feedback on City programs and initiatives. The site also measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested citizens and most compelling topics.

How can you get involved? Go to the site and login with basic information to get started. From there, you can choose your areas of interest to be alerted when new questions are posted on those topics. The City will always have active topics and new questions to get your ideas flowing.

How can Topeka grow in an economically sustainable manner? How would you rate your feeling of safety in your neighborhood? The discussion will start with topics like these, and expand based on input.

“We believe working with the community is the best way to tackle challenges that affect the community,” Communications & Marketing Director Suzie Gilbert said. “This site encourages Topekans to weigh in from their own homes and on their own schedules, which allows us to engage a broader audience. With this broader reach comes a broader range of ideas, solutions, and civic participation.”

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