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City Cancels Council Meeting, Prepares For Winter Storm
TOPEKA, Kan. – The City of Topeka has cancelled Tuesday’s City Council meeting in advance of a major winter storm, City Manager Jim Colson announced Monday (2/3).

Forecasters say the 6- to 10-inch snowfall event will begin overnight Monday, with the bulk of snow projected to fall Tuesday afternoon. As of Monday afternoon, City operations on Tuesday were set to continue as normal.

“We have a team of people continuing to track the weather,” Colson said. “Results of the storm and reports of road conditions may trigger an early dismissal of employees on Tuesday,” Colson said. If the City decides to cancel operations Tuesday, workers will be notified by 6 a.m.

City leaders will take several factors into account, including Topeka Police Walk-in Accident reporting (which is determined by police field commanders), feedback from road crews, and National Weather Service reports. The City’s Emergency Manager has also been in contact with State and County officials.

What citizens should do: If possible, stay off the roadways. If you have to be out in the conditions, take it slow, and have an emergency kit with a cell phone and charger, snacks, and a blanket, just in case.

Move cars off of the streets and into driveways to allow street crews and emergency vehicles to move freely. A very high probability exists that the Emergency Snow Route Ordinance will be activated. Emergency Snow routes are located and posted throughout the city, and are identified on the interactive snow route map. Due to their close proximity to certain buildings, and due to the heavy traffic flow they carry, these routes represent the highest priority roadways to deice and plow.

The Emergency Snow Route Ordinance prohibits parking on, or becoming stuck without snow tires, anywhere along one of the emergency routes, anytime the ordinance is activated. During this time, crews will plow these routes curb-to-curb and spread deicing material on the roadway. Vehicles left parked along these roadways are subject to citation or tow away at the owners expense.

Topeka Police will notify the media as soon as Walk-in Accident reporting is activated. Upon activation, officers will only investigate injury and hit and run accidents at the scene. All others will be referred to the Law Enforcement Center at their earliest convenience. This phase does not apply to disabled vehicles or accidents involving an intoxicated driver.

High winds and drifting snow is expected Tuesday night into Wednesday. Should a 10-inch snowfall event occur, City street crews would need up to 16 hours to remove snow from the downtown area.

Read more about the City’s inclement weather operations at, and find the emergency snow route nearest you on our interactive snow route map.

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