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South Kansas Pump Station Breach
TOPEKA, Kan. – A sanitary sewer by-pass pumping station near I-70 and MacVicar Avenue went down over the weekend, causing discharge into the Kansas River. The City’s Water Pollution Control Division is monitoring the Kansas River for E. coli concentrations, and is awaiting test results. Workers will continue to monitor the water until counts show normal levels.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, along with the Lawrence, Olathe, and WaterOne Utility water treatment plants were notified Monday morning of the breach at the South Kansas Pump Station. The station is under rehabilitation, and the temporary pumps that failed were part of the by-pass system designed to push sewage to the North Topeka Wastewater Treatment Plant on the other side of the river.

The City's Water Pollution Control Division is working with the design engineering firm to implement corrective action measures to prevent any further discharge. Meters show the spill occurred mostly overnight on Sunday.

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