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City, Agencies Announce 8th Annual “snow Relief Team” Partnership
TOPEKA, Kan. – The City of Topeka and two area agencies have joined to provide limited snow removal service for qualifying older citizens and those with disabilities.

The City of Topeka, the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging, and the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center announced today the 8th Annual “Snow Relief Team.” The team will consist of four crews of women inmates from the Topeka Correctional Facility, and two male inmate crews from Shawnee County Department of Corrections. Their task will be to remove snow on driveways and public sidewalks adjacent to properties of qualifying Topekans.

This service is designed to help older citizens, and persons with disabilities, with snow removal following large snows. The focus will be on Topeka residents with limited incomes and who do not have able-bodied relatives to assist them in their time of need.

Often driveway entrances are plowed shut during street cleanups, making it difficult to drive. Also, wheelchair users may need a path cleared to a bus stop, for example. Both situations could be resolved by the team. Also, City code requires sidewalks to be cleared no more than 48 hours after a snow or ice event.

Snow removal service will be available Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Snow accumulation must be two inches or more. The City may decline to provide a service if weather is hazardous for the safety of City personnel and/or equipment.

To qualify, a person must:
• Reside in the property
• Live within the Topeka city limits AND
• Have an income of no more than $21,750 per household per year for a one-person household, or $24,850 per household, per year, for a two-person household
• Be 55 years of age or older OR
• Have a disability AND
• Have no other local family member that can help

To see if you qualify for the Snow Relief Team assistance, call the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging at (785) 235-1367, or the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center at (785) 233-4572.

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