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Instructions To Access Certainteed Website - General Contractor Ceu
The easiest way to access the Certainteed Website and to take the Continuing Education Classes on the website is to follow the steps below:

1. Go to Web Site and enter:
2. On this page there is a space/box that says: Contact Us
Go in this box and type Continuing Education Units and press Enter.
3. On this page choose the 1st item: CertainTeed - Continuing Education.
4. On this page choose any subject under Exterior, Interior or Systems Solutions that looks interesting to you. You will get a drop down box that explains a little about the course. Follow the description to the end. If you are interested, click on Full Course Details.
5. On this page it will give you the length of the class and the credit learninig units and the course description. Follow to the bottom.
6. If you are interested, click on Take Course Now.
7. On this page you will see Registration/Log In Follow the instructions.

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