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Purpose. To promote environmental awareness and advocate for policies which support sustainability specifically including, but not limited to, environmental awareness, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and natural resource conservation in the City of Topeka, and to enhance the quality of life by improving the City’s efforts in these areas.

Membership: In accordance with City Code 2.95.020, the Sustainability Advisory Board shall consist of nine members and be residents of the City of Topeka. After the initial appointment of the board, all members shall serve two (2) year terms unless appointed to fill out an unexpired term.

At least five (5) of the nine (9) board members shall be currently licensed, have a degree in, be engaged in, or have substantial past experience in the fields of environmental awareness, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and/or natural resource conservation or a similar field relating to the environment or conservation.

Authority: Ordinance 19165
Meetings:1st Friday of the month; 7:30 AM – TSC Public Library
Term Limits: No Limit

Board members and term end dates:
Chair: Deborah Swank , 2/28/16
Gina Penzig, 01/31/15
Shawn Geil, 2/28/15;
Derrick Carpenter, 2/28/15;
Olivia Marshall, 2/28/15;
Mary Powell, 2/28/15
Judith Scherff, 4/30/15;
Bill Naeger, 09/30/15;
Carrie Ridley, 09/30/15
Deborah Swank, 2/28/16;

City Contact: Sylvan Coles, 368-4236

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