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Purpose: The purpose of the Landmarks Commission is to advise the city council on historic assets and to safeguard the architectural and cultural heritage of the community through the preservation of historic resources, historic landmarks and districts. The commission may carry out these duties through the identification, documentation and designation of historic assets; development and implementation of a historic preservation plan; administration of ordinances governing the designation, alteration and removal of historic assets; assistance with educational and incentive programs, economic development and tourism, and coordination of public and private historic preservation activities.

Members. In accordance with City Code 2.60.010, the Landmarks Commission shall be composed of nine members appointed by the mayor with approval of the city council and will serve without compensation. The Landmarks Commission membership shall be comprised of people who are residents of the city of Topeka and who have a demonstrated interest in historic preservation through their community and/or professional involvements. The members of the commission shall be drawn from such backgrounds as architecture, history, landscape architecture, architectural history, planning, archaeology, urban design, neighborhood and community development, geography, real estate, law, finance, building trades or related areas. A minimum of four members shall be preservation related professionals.

All terms shall be for a three year period. Members shall not serve beyond the end of their appointed terms. Members first appointed may be re-appointed for one additional three-year term. No person shall be permitted to serve more than two full consecutive terms as a commission member. A period of at least three full years shall lapse prior to a former member being eligible to serve again.

Meetings. The landmarks commission shall meet at least once each month, with additional meetings upon call by the chairperson or upon petition of a majority of the members. All meetings shall be open to the public and notification shall be given in the official newspaper and to those who request notification. Unless otherwise required herein, five members present constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Ex-officio members. The following may sit on the landmarks commission as ex-officio members:
a. The director or designee of the development services office;
b. The director or designee of the city planning department.

Jurisdiction. The ordinance shall apply to the City of Topeka.

Authority: Ordinance No. 18420
Terms: Three years
Meets: Monthly, second Thursday at 5:30 PM - Holliday Bldg.
Term Limits: Two consecutive terms

Board members and term end dates:
Murl Riedel, 12/31/17;
Grant Sourk, 2/28/18;
Amber Bonnett, 12/31/15;
Leon Graves, 1/31/16;
Nelda Gaito 12/31/16
Paul Post, 3/31/17
David Heit, 12/31/17
Jeff Carson, 12/31/17
Bryan Falk, 2/28/18

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