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Topeka Metropolitan Transit Board

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Cited. The City of Topeka, adopted the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act, K.S.A 12-2801 et seq. and amendments thereto (Charter Ordinance 23, § 4 as amended by Charter Ordinance 52, § 2 [App. A, § A12-20]). The governing and administrative body shall be known as the Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority. The authority shall conduct business in accordance with the charter ordinances as adopted and amended and its franchise as granted.

Membership. In accordance with City Code 2.05.060, the board shall consist of seven members who are registered voters, residents of the metropolitan area and recognized for business ability.

In July 2010, Statute 12-2802 amended the definition of “Metropolitan Area”, to no longer be within the 3-mile area, but instead is now to be defined as within a 90-mile radius of the city limits of Topeka.   Members shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the council and shall serve a four-year term.

Authority:  KSA 12-2801 et seq. and Charter Ordinance No. 99
Term: Four years
Term limits:  None
Meets: Monthly- 3rd Monday or Tuesday; day and time varies

Board members and term end dates:
Chair –Beverly Hall, 6/30/18;
Elsie Eisenbarth, 6/30/15
Jim Daniels, 6/30/16;
Jim Ogle 9/17/17;
Andy Vogel, 09/17/17.
Scott Tummons, 4/30/18;
Rodney Miller, 6/30/18

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