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The City of Topeka embarked last year to update its Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan. The plan was originally developed in 1993 and needed updating as city facilities as well as programs, services and activities have changed considerably over the years. The updated draft document is now available for public review and comment. It consists of two major sections. Section 3 identifies barriers (non-structural) to city programs, services and activities. Section 4 identifies barriers (structural) to city facilities including parks and trails.

Please review and comment as appropriate on any of the identified barriers in the draft document. In addition, please identify any potential barriers that you feel have not been identified by the updated plan. Please reference the specific facility or program, service and activity with page number upon which you are commenting. Email responses may be forwarded to the City of Topeka ADA Coordinator at

Responses may also be mailed to the ADA Coordinator, Attn: Mike McGee at 620 SE Madison, Topeka, KS. 66607. The transition plan will be available for 30 days for public comment ending on: 10/15/2007.

Your review and comments are most welcome as we seek to identify and ultimately eliminate all barriers that limit the contributions and potential of those with disabilities residing in Topeka.

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