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Be a Topeka Police Reserve Officer... Topeka Police Reserves - a GREAT way to serve!

A challenging and fascinating experience is awaiting men and women desiring to serve their community by becoming a member of the Topeka Police Reserve Program.

This is an opportunity to be of service to your community as a member of a professional law enforcement organization dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Topeka. Persons of imagination with a keen interest in service to others are urged to contact our Reserve Coordinator by calling CPT Bill Cochran, Reserve Coordinator, 785-368-9209.

Qualifications to Join | Recruitment Process | POPAT (Police Officers Physical Abilities Test) | Pre-register for the next test

Character and Condition

Must be of good moral character, temperate, emotionally stable, in good health and sound physical condition


Must have a high school education or a G.E.D. Recognized by the State of Kansas College is recommended but not required.


Must be a citizen of the United States of America.

Police Record

Any individual convicted of a felony cannot be considered for employment.

Drivers License

Must have or be able to obtain a valid Kansas Drivers License.


The Topeka Police Reserve School is one of the highest caliber in law enforcement training. Hours of academic presentation are designed to impart the basic knowledge required of law enforcement officers. Throughout their association with the Topeka Police Reserves, our officers receive continuing training and education. The training hours are designed to be evening classes with a couple of weekends.

The Position

The Topeka Police Department is now offering eligible men and women interesting positions as Reserve Police Officers in one of the best law enforcement agencies in the United States. This volunteer position requires no special background in the field of law enforcement, only a willingness to serve the community. Reserves are required to perform 16 hours of service each month.

Badge and Equipment

The Chief of Police, at the expense of the City of Topeka, supplies each Reserve Officer with a suitable badge and such other equipment and supplies as the Chief finds necessary. This includes your duty weapon.

The City of Topeka provides Workers Compensation for injuries and illness incurred in the line of duty.

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