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The Topeka Police Department has scheduled the entry-level Police examinations monthly. You may apply to take one or more tests in the form below. Tests are currently scheduled for:

  • Thursday, February 25 - written test only
  • Saturday, March 26 - written and physical agility test

You must register for a test date to take the entry-level examination. Upon completing your registration, you will be provided with detailed information on test specifics, such as when and where to report for the test, what the test consists of, etc.

Please note:

  • You only have to take the test once, but you may take the test more than once. There is no cost for the first time the test is taken. For the second and each subsequent test, the applicant will be required to pay $15, which is the City’s cost for the test.
  • Applicants are ranked on a hiring list based on test scores. The applicant’s most recent test score will be utilized in the ranking process. If an applicant passes the test and takes the test again at a later date to try and increase the score and then fails the test, the applicant will be eliminated from the hiring process until the applicant takes and passes the test again on a future test date.

New – Practice Test Available Online

You can purchase a practice test and/or study guide online directly from the test manufacturer.

Please review the following important information:

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It will be the applicant's obligation to keep the above information current by notifying the Human Resources Department, 215 SE 7th, Topeka, KS. 66603. 785-368-3867.

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