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Lateral Transfer for Law Enforcement Officers - At the discretion of the Chief, applicants possessing Kansas Law Enforcement certification or out of state law enforcement certification with reciprocity may be placed in the pay grid no more than one step for each two years of service not to exceed initially the third year of service step.

  • 1) Overtime - Hours worked in excess of eighty (80) per working pay period.
  • Shift Differential Pay - Officers assigned to 2nd and 3rd shift receive $.45 additional per hour.
  • Clothing - Officers are furnished all required uniforms and equipment.
  • Holiday Pay - An officer receives 10 paid holidays per year.

Medical Insurance

Police personnel have group hospitalization insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Personal Leave Days

An officer receives two per year and has the ability to earn up to four additional days with perfect attendance.

Sick Leave – Employees earn 3.692 hours per pay period. At the point of retirement, the City will pay for a maximum of fifty-five (55) days of sick. After January 2012, officers retiring will receive accrued sick leave incentive above fifty-five (55) hours at a rate of $1 per hour multiplied by the total remaining hours accrued.

Vacation Leave - New officers receive 3.69 hours per pay period for the first four years of service. Days earned increase to 4.62 beginning the fifth year of service and increase in five year increments. The rank of Sergeant and below may carry over a maximum of 40 days into the new calendar year.

Leave With Pay - Compensatory time earned and emergency leave are available based on considerations and approval of Division commanders.

College Reimbursement
The City may reimburse Officers up to $1,000 per year for job-related college courses they enroll in and complete with a “C” average or pass with a pass/fail option.

Education Incentive Pay
Sworn officers will receive pay based on their confirmed education level:
  • Associates degree: $40/month
  • Bachelors degree: $50/month
  • Masters degree: $60/month

Member of the Kansas Police & Fireman's Retirement System. Normal retirement age is 50 with a minimum of 25 years of service. Members contribute 7.15% of their salary. The maximum retirement benefit (90 percent of final average salary) is reached when you have 36 years of service credit. Members are vested in the system at 15 years. For more information check the KPERS website at

Veterans’ Benefit Package

If you are a qualified member of the National Guard or Reserve, have you considered using you GI Bill benefits to change careers and make and extra $200-$800 per month, while you are in paid training at the Topeka Police Department Recruit Academy? Check out this link for more information or contact Recruiting at 368-2419 or the Commission of Veterans Affairs at 296-3976 for details.

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