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Clear Sidewalks of Snow and Ice

OPEKA, Kan. – The City of Topeka would like to remind everyone to clear public sidewalks adjacent to their property, in order to assist those who use them.

Owners of single-family residences have 48 hours after a snow or ice event to remove or treat snow and ice on public sidewalks adjacent to their property. The latest snow event ended by Sunday morning.

Owners of multi-family, commercial and non-residential properties have 24 hours to remove snow and treat sidewalks after a snow or ice event. If ice has accumulated to make removal impossible, the sprinkling or placement of sand, ash or other noncorrosive material within the time specified for removal to make a sidewalk safe for travel of pedestrians is acceptable.

Property owners are also asked not to push, plow or otherwise move snow and/or ice which has accumulated in a public or private parking area, sidewalk, driveway, or roof onto any public sidewalk, alley, public street, street right-of-way, or handicapped stall. And please remember not to blocks fire hydrants with plowed snow.

Please do your part to keep public sidewalks passable and safe for pedestrians, and for those who use wheelchairs.

To learn more about the City’s snow removal plan and view our interactive snow route map, visit our website:

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