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Topeka E-Procurement System TOPEKA ePro

The new Topeka e-Procurement System TOPEKA ePro automates the exchange of information between the City, its suppliers and end users. Suppliers can now register online. Current suppliers and vendors must also register as a Supplier in order to respond to bid opportunities.

Notice to Bidders:

Bidders are responsible for checking this website to obtain all addenda that may be issued to bid documents and specifications. The City is not responsible for direct distribution of addenda posted on the website. Acknowledgement of addenda is made in the electronic bidding process. Alternatively, bid documents and specifications are available to prospective bidders at the City of Topeka, Contracts & Procurement Division, 215 SE 7th Street, Room 60, Topeka, KS 66603.

The City of Topeka reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Bidders must comply with all nondiscrimination provisions. The City is an equal opportunity entity and invites small and minority contractors to bid.

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