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The Water RoundUp Program allows customers paying their City utility bill to add an automatic amount of their choosing to go to charity, for the purpose of assisting in the payment of City utility bills of those less fortunate.

Local charitable agencies and the Topeka Public Works Department created the Water RoundUp program as a means of facilitating convenient monthly charitable donations by citizens through their City of Topeka utilities bill. Doorstep, Let's Help, and the Salvation Army are administering all funds and selecting eligible recipients. In addition, all donations to the Public Works RoundUp program are clearly marked as charitable contributions on City utility bills and may or may not be tax-deductible (consult a tax advisor).

You may sign up to contribute to the Public Works RoundUp Program by calling a Utility Account Agent, 785-368-3111, or by clicking Contribution Form, completing the form and:

Clicking the submit button, OR

Printing & enclosing with your next City utility payment or mailing to City of Topeka Customer Services Division, Attn: Utility Accounts, 3245 NW Water Works Dr, Topeka, Kansas, 66606-1984. OR

Fax to 785-368-3825

Your Contribution will be Appreciated by Those in Need. Thank You...

Cindy Collins, Customer Services Manager
Duane Overfield, Meter Srv Manager
Susie McFarland, Utility Billing Manager

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