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Utility Rates

  • Click here to see Sample Billing Statement
  • Water meters are read monthly.
  • A Base Charge is assessed per water meter at a service location based on meter size
  • A Volume Charge is assessed per 1,000 gallons of water consumed.
  • If your bill has been estimated it will be noted with an ā€œEā€.


Residential wastewater charge is based on average winter quarter water consumption. (Dec.-Feb.). The charge will remain consistent for one year, generally April - April. Non-Residential wastewater is based monthly water consumption.


The stormwater fee is assessed on the hard surface you have on your property. For more information call 368-3111 or click here.

Outside City and Sherwood Sewer District
  • Outside City customers are charged premium water & wastewater rates.
  • Customers served by the Sherwood Sewer District are billed at rates established by Shawnee County.
  • Outside City customers are assessed a fire hydrant maintenance fee.

Shawnee County Refuse

Rates and services are established by Shawnee County. (http://www.snco.us/sw/service.asp)

The City bills for Shawnee County Refuse customers only.

Cindy Collins, Customer Services Manager
Duane Overfield, Meter Srv Manager
Susie McFarland, Utility Billing Manager

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