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Prepare for an Emergency
The master valve is probably the most important piece of your internal plumbing system. It controls the flow of water throughout your home. You and everyone in your household should know where it is and be able to locate it in a moment's notice.

If your property is going to be unoccupied for a long period of time, you might want to consider shutting the valve off to avoid or minimize any water emergencies during your absence. In addition, a plumber can drain your lines if the house will be subjected to below freezing temperatures.

The most probable location for the master valve is where the water supply pipe enters your home. Once you have found the master valve, confirm that it is the correct valve and it is operating properly by shutting it off to see if all the water faucets in your home also shut off. If they do not, and the valve worked properly, resume your search. If the valve did not easily turn off and on or if it let water seep through even though it had been closed, you may want to have a plumber replace the valve.

When you find the correct valve, make it more visible by marking it with a brightly colored tag, ribbon or paint so that you, or anyone else, can find it easily during plumbing emergency.

Meter Box Customer's Valve
The meter box is the point where the City’s service line adjoins the customer's service line. Like the master valve in your home, it is important that you are able you locate the meter box in case of an emergency in which the master valve is inoperable or in case of a leak in your service line.

In most cases, the meter box can be found in the front easement (from street/curb to 15 feet behind the street/curb). There are 2 valves in the meter box: the City valve (requiring a special key to operate) located between the meter and street and the customer’s valve, located between the meter and the building. The customer’s valve may be used as a back up to the master valve or if there is a leak in your service line between the meter box and building.

If you have water running inside and cannot shut off your master valve or the customer’s valve in the meter box, call 785-368-3111, 24/7, and someone will be dispatched to turn the water service off until repairs have been made. If you have a leak on your service line and cannot shut off the customer’s valve in the meter box, call 785-368-3111, M-F, 7AM-8PM.

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