How much does it cost to park at a parking meter?

Rates vary depending on the time limit of the parking meter. For those parking meters with time limits of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours, the hourly rate is $1.00. For 10 hour time limit parking meters, the hourly rate is $1.00.

How much is a parking ticket?

For an expired meter violation or for parking beyond the posted time limit, the fine is $8.00. The City Code states that each hour that a vehicle is parked in violation of any block zone is a separate and distinct violation. For a second and each successive violation in the same space/block zone, the fine is $15.00. This amount is set by city code: 10.05.010 to 10.50.150.

Can I get more than one parking ticket each day?

City Code states that "Each and every hour during which a motor vehicle shall remain unlawfully parked in any block parking zone shall constitute a separate and distinct violation, subject to penalty. Any person who shall aid, abet or assist in the violation of any of the provisions of this division shall be guilty of an offense".

If you feel that you have received a parking ticket in error, you may fill out this form and return it to the Parking Section Office. If this process does not resolve your issue, you may file an Administrative Hearing Request form.

What is a block zone?
A block zone is any hundred block of any street and includes both sides of the street.

What is the Kansas Avenue block zone?
That area of Kansas Avenue between 6th Street and 10th Street including both sides of the street.

Can I make deliveries downtown without getting parking tickets?
Companies that make deliveries to the downtown can apply for an Annual Delivery Vehicle Permit.

What is the rate for hourly parking in the parking garages?
The rate is $1.00 per hour.

What is the monthly rate for parking in the City parking garages?
Please contact the Parking Garage Space Leasing Office for current rates. Their telephone number is 785-368-3759 or email

Which garages have spaces available?
Crosby, Park N Shop, 9th Street Parking Facility and Coronado Rooftop. Here is a list of leasable parking spaces.

What if my car is locked in a parking garage?
Call 633-5290 to reach a member of the maintenance staff who will come to the garage and help you retrieve the car.

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