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The quality of life for those who live, work and play in Topeka daily depends on the quality of the city’s infrastructure. Fresh water, smooth streets, well-engineered projects, life/safety inspections on homes and commercial buildings, all lead to a better way of life for those who are here.

The City of Topeka’s, Public Works Department, nationally recognized through accreditation by the American Public Works Association, strives to meet our current and future needs. A well-run organization consisting of Engineering, Development Services, Internal Services,  Mapping, and Utilities ensures public funds are spent on projects and services approved by you through your local City Council representative.

More specifically, Public Works plays an important role in protecting the public's health and safety by providing clean drinking water, ensuring proper wastewater treatment, developing and maintaining the transportation system, and managing stormwater. The department coordinates development through facility planning efforts, ensures environmental compliance, and manages the construction of capital improvements, such as new roads, bridges, water mains and sewer lines.

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