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Endangered Properties Nomination Form

Property Information

Name of Property

Property Address

City St Zip

Nominator Information



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Property Owner Information

Property Owner Name, if known

Owner Address

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Property Details

Describe the property in detail. Include information about its historical significance, setting, overall appearance, style, current use and condition. Historic significance should include: historic use, association with significant person, group or event, or distinctive architecture. When possible, provide source for information.

Why is the property “endangered?” How imminent is the threat?

How might the property be re-used or adapted?

What physical restoration or repairs are required to preserve the property?

Do you know of any groups or individuals involved in saving this property? (Please provide contact information) To date, what has been done to mitigate the threat?

Attachments Needed

Required: Letters of Support for the Nomination | Two Current Photographs of the Endangered Property | Additional Supporting Materials

Designation, if known

Or: Print, and submit nomination and mail to: Tim Paris, Planner II, Topeka Planning Department, Holliday Building, 3rd Floor 620 SE Madison Street Topeka, Kansas 66607

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