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In 2012, the Oakland Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA) applied to the City of Topeka for Stages of Resources Targeting (SORT) funding. In early 2013, the Topeka City Council approved the Oakland Neighborhood to be one of two designated neighborhoods to receive planning assistance in 2013 and implementation funding in the following two years.

Recommendations for infrastructure, housing, and parks all involve major City expenditures that are constrained by the amount of tax revenues the City collects. Other neighborhood plans also compete for such allocations. Reliance on non-City funding sources will also determine the pace of implementation. Thus, another purpose of this plan is to provide guidance for priorities in order to determine the most prudent expenditures with limited resources.

The Plan is a comprehensive community-based approach to neighborhood planning that constitutes an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and is regularly monitored, reviewed, and updated as needed. It is intended to balance neighborhood needs with city-wide objectives and be consistent with goals of existing and future elements of the Comprehensive Plan including Downtown, Transportation, Economic Development, and Trails Elements. This document has primarily been prepared in collaboration with the Oakland NIA.

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