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In 2012, the Historic North Topeka East Neighborhood Improvement Association (NIA) applied to the City of Topeka for Stages of Resources Targeting (SORT) funding. In early 2013, the Topeka City Council approved the Historic North Topeka East (HNTE) Neighborhood to be one of two designated neighborhoods to receive planning assistance in 2013 and implementation funding in the following two years. This plan update focuses on the southern area Imageof Historic North Topeka East—from N. Topeka Boulevard east to the Kansas River, and from Garfield Park south to the Kansas River.

The purpose of the Historic North Topeka East Plan Update is to provide long-range guidance and feasible alternatives to the City, its agencies, residents, and private/public interests for the future revitalization of HNTE. It establishes a 10-15 year vision with appropriate strategies and implementation measures for land use, housing, urban design, parks, commercial districts, infrastructure, and circulation. This Plan provides the policy basis from which to identify appropriate zoning, capital improvements, and programs to implement it.  This document has been prepared in collaboration with the Historic North Topeka East NIA, with input from residents, and other stakeholders in the neighborhood as well.

This Plan was adopted by the Topeka City Council on December 17, 2013.

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