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City of Topeka Diversity Initiative
The City of Topeka is committed to an inclusive workforce that recognizes and values the diverse talents, skills, and backgrounds of our employees as a foundation for the delivery of effective and efficient services. The City’s workplace diversity initiative evolved as an on-going process of recognizing and appreciating employee differences and similarities at all levels of our organization.

The Diversity Committee was created to address workplace diversity and to engage employees in activities and community events that expose employees to learning opportunities which heightens their awareness and understanding of generational, socioeconomic, cultural, religious, gender, age, and disability trends and issues.

Mission Statement
The Diversity Committee’s mission is to promote diversity through education, outreach, activities, and partnerships within the City of Topeka’s workforce and in the community.

Vision Statement
Our vision is dedicated to embracing a diverse atmosphere by ensuring cooperation, respect, fairness, courtesy, and integrity within the workplace and in the community.

Committee Membership
The Diversity Committee is comprised of the following fifteen members who represent various City departments and positions:

  • Amy Bermudez, Fire Inspector III, Fire Department
  • Ashraf Kaboudan, Lieutenant, Police Department
  • Colleen Stuart, Sergeant, Police Department
  • Cindy White, Human Resources Specialist III, Human Resources (Chairperson)
  • David Banks, Public Education Officer III, Fire Department
  • Jacque Russell, Director, Human Resources Department
  • Keya Downing, Office Specialist, City Clerk’s Office
  • Lindy Brewer, Legal Specialist II, Legal Department
  • Loreena Munoz, Office Specialist, Financial Services
  • Melissa Tofte, Property Maintenance Inspector II, Code Compliance Unit
  • Clinton Thompson, Maintenance Worker II, Facilities Management
  • Monique Glaude, Director, Division of Community Engagement
  • Tim Paris, Planner II, Planning Department
  • Warren Woodruff, Rehabilitation Specialist III, Housing and Neighborhood Development

Diversity Group Photo

Diversity Committee’s Strategic Plan
  • To provide City employees with educational training opportunities to enhance their awareness of socioeconomic, cultural, generational, and diversity issues.
  • To raise awareness of diversity-related community events through the posting of events and the links to various websites.
  • To collaborate with the Human Relations Commission on public education and outreach activities.

  • The level of community participation will be measured by the attendance count and the evaluation feedback received. An online customer satisfaction survey will be developed to assess their satisfaction level.
  • The employee participation and satisfaction level will be measured by reviewing the feedback received through written evaluation forms.
  • The total number of individual visits to the diversity website and calendar will be tracked to measure the effectiveness of reaching individuals.

Diversity Events:

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