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Thank you for your interest in employment with the City of Topeka Fire Department. The Fire Department requires that each qualified candidate pass a physical agility test. The physical agility test is administered on a periodic basis to those individuals who have already undergone and passed a written firefighter entry-level examination.

Passing the Topeka Fire Department's agility test is essential for further consideration in becoming a City of Topeka firefighter. Traditionally women have had difficulties with particular exercises that test upper body strength. Whether the reasons are difference in body size to relative weight differentials between men and women or other factors, the Topeka Fire Department has recognized the need to help prospective applicants better prepare themselves for the challenge of becoming a City of Topeka firefighter.

There are seven components to the test. We have separated the components so that each will download faster onto your computer. First review the introduction, and then look at each segment individually. Each component first shows the actual test maneuver and we then provide various exercises devised by the City of Topeka Wellness Center that will assist individuals in strength and endurance training.

Introduction | #1. Aerial Ladder Climb | #2. Ladder Climb with Hose | #3. Ladder Removal and Mounting | #4. Weight Transfer / Hose Carry Up Stairs | #5. Weight Hoisting | #6. Charged Hose Drag | #7. Dark Containment Area | Conclusion
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